Attorney at law

Gayane Shtoyan, Attorney at law

Member of the Moscow Bar Association, registration number in the register of lawyers No. 77/15275

  • Master of Laws of the Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod
  • 9 years of legal practice.
  • Certified Trainer of the Family Law and Human Rights Course under the HELP European Human Rights Programme (European Programme for Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals).
  • Trainer of advanced professional development training course for lawyers organized by the Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation and the Council of Europe.
  • Cooperation with leading national educational centers (Moscow State University,Kutafin Moscow State Law University, Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod).

    We truly appreciate it when clients having successfully settled their economic disputes, gain confidence in the lawyer's professional competence and trust him/her with their most sensitive and personal matters - family issues. Thus, there are two focus areas in Gayane Shtoyan’s legal practice: litigation and arbitration, and family law including settlement of international disputes.

    Legal practice is carried out throughout the Russian Federation. Cooperation with law firms of the USA, England, France and CIS countries allows to provide high-quality legal services to clients not only in Russia, but also abroad, and effectively resolve cross-border disputes.

    It is a priority not only to win an individual case, but also to retain a successful position in order to ensure consistency of high quality of the legal services provided. Therefore, Gayane Shtoyan sees each new legal case as a challenge which resolution will enable her clients to uphold the image of winners.

Legal practice

International law

Representation of the applicants' interest at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)

Litigation support for recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisionss

Protection of children’s rights

International abduction cases by one of the parents (return of children wrongfully removed across the border) *

Lifting of a travel ban on children leaving the Russian Federation

Determination of the children's place of residence

Determination of communication procedure with the child

Deprivation of the parental rights

Limitation of parental rights

Paternity proof

Paternity contestation

Alimony recovery for minor children

Increase of the alimony amount

Criminal cases involving minors

*Gayane Shtoyan is one of the certified European HELP lawyers providing professional legal assistance under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.

Family law

Divorce settlement

Division of property of spouses, including participatory interest in companies

Recovery of spousal maintenance

Drafting a marriage contract or marital settlement agreement

Litigation and arbitration

Commercial disputes

Disputes involving monopolies, state bodies and state corporations

Corporate disputes

Defamation disputes

Intellectual property right disputes

Real estate, construction and insurance disputes

Debt collection disputes

Cost optimization of business entities connected with services of natural monopolies subjects

*We believe that it is important not only to win the case in court, but also to ensure actual enforcement of the court decision. Therefore, during consultation our clients get information not only about the legal prospects of a court case, but also about the probability of actual recovery of the money or property awarded. This ensures high percentage of the actually enforced court decisions.

Civil litigation

Consumer protection law cases

Banking and insurance service-related disputes

Debt collection

Criminal defense

Financial and corruption cases

Protection of rights of domestic abuse victims



"Children have the right to be under law" project is focused on protection of children’s rights ensuring a child-friendly justice that guarantees respect for their rights and their effective safeguard.
The project provides legal assistance for return of children wrongfully removed across the border by one of the parents - international child abduction cases regulated by the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (The Hague, 1980).
Gayane Shtoyan is one of the certified European HELP lawyers providing professional legal assistance under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.

«Family Law Armenia-Russia»

Author, organizer and trainer of the international course of advanced professional development training for lawyers of Russia and Armenia organized by the Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation and the Chamber of Lawyers of the Republic of Armenia in cooperation with the HELP Program of the Council of Europe "Family Law Armenia-Russia”
Venues: Russia (Moscow), Armenia (Yerevan), France (Strasbourg).


Participant of a joint advanced training project organized by the Council of Europe and the European Union for "Strengthening the capacity of lawyers and human rights defenders to apply the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and the European Social Charter at the national level".
Venues: Russia (Moscow), France (Strasbourg).

«Street Law in Russia»

Participant of the Russian-US exchange project for university faculty members supported by the "Russian-American Dialogue" Connecting Law Schools to Strong Street Law in Russia initiative.
The project objective is to improve legal culture and literacy by developing educational programmes focused on law, democracy and human rights for universities, schools and local communities.
Venues: Russia (Moscow), USA (Washington).


Legal practice in cooperation with the Centre for the Protection of Victims of Domestic Violence, project under the umbrella of the Consortium of Women 's NGOs, federal organization including over110 regional women's non-governmental organizations. Cooperation objective is to provide legal protection of victims of domestic violence (physical, psychological, and financial).

Pro bono

    Pro bono (from Latin ‘pro bono publico’ - ‘for the sake of public benefit’) is free professional assistance rendered by Gayane Shtoyan in exceptional cases.
The purpose of such legal aid is to protect the rights of those in need, restore justice, and provide legal support for significant social projects.

    How to qualify for free legal aid?

    If you have encountered a difficult legal issue or problem when implementing a significant social project, but unable to cover the legal fees, please contact us.
    We will review your request, assess legal prospects, as well as the possibility of free assistance and reply to you.
    Please email your request to with a mandatory comment Pro bono.

Success stories

«Forced transaction=invalid transaction»

Decision date: 20.02.2020

Status: Case won

The Savelovo District Court of Moscow satisfied the client's claims against her ex-spouse and the third party to hold two apartment sale and purchase agreements invalid. The apartment was returned back into the client’s ownership.

PS:Grounds of invalidation of the apartment sale and purchase agreements: the first deal was recognized as forced, and the second one as fraudulent.

«Karma cleansing for RUB 1.5M»

Decision date: 13.02.2020

Status: Case won

The Ivanteevsky City Court of the Moscow Oblast delivered a judgement to satisfy the client's claim on consumer right protection against a psychic medium that misappropriated over RUB 1.5M of the client’s money and failed to discharge her obligations. The psychic medium reimbursed the money in full.

PS:Due to the specific nature of the facts to be proven, it is very difficult to hold such people financially or criminally liable; there are hardly any precedents.
Currently, a preliminary investigation is in progress by the Internal Affairs Department of Nagatino-Sadovniki district of Moscow initiated on the basis of our criminal charge against a psychic medium.

«Lives may be lost if the parental rights are not withdrawn»

Decision date: 02.09.2019

Status: Case won

The Cheremushkinsky District Court of Moscow satisfied the client’s claim against the ex-spouse regarding deprivation of his parental rights on the following grounds: child abuse, including psychological abuse, and malicious evasion of alimony payment.

The key argument in court hearings was: Lives may be lost if the parental rights are not withdrawn.

«Hastiness of Rosgosstrakh Insurance Company lawyers»

Decision date: 16.08.2019

Status: Case won

The Kovrov City Court of the Vladimir Oblast delivered a ruling to dismiss claims of Rosgosstrakh Insurance Company against the client regarding recovery of pecuniary damage by way of recourse related to the RTA the client was involved in three years earlier.

PS:The client purchased a car and two days later was involved in a RTA having had no time to get a liability insurance. The liability of the former car owner was insured by Rosgosstrakh; therefore, the insurance company had no grounds to pay out insurance indemnity to the injured, and, thus, had no right to claim the recourse from our client.

«Jurisdiction dispute materialization»

Decision date: 06.05.2019

Status: Case won

The Kaluga District Court satisfied the client’s claim, reinstated the missed procedural time limit (1 year) for appeal of the first instance court resolution regarding the children’s place of residence, and filed the client’s appeal petition to the Kaluga Oblast Court for hearing.

The Kaluga Oblast Court having considered our appeal revoked the court ruling and sent the case back to the Kaluga District Court for a retrial.

In the course of the new court hearing, the Kaluga District Court agreed with our arguments that this civil dispute should be heard under the jurisdiction of a foreign country.The case was dismissed by the court.

PS:It is remarkable that this civil case background was identical to the fictitious case developed by Gayane Shtoyan which served as a foundation of the international family law course organized for Russian and Armenian lawyers which was successfully executed in 2017-2018 when the course participants met in Strasbourg (France).
Information about the countries involved in a jurisdiction dispute, number and even gender of children was the same (legal mystic).

«Child's travels: Armenia - Russia - Czech Republic - Portugal - Armenia»

Decision date: 21.02.2019

Status: Case won

Based on the ruling of the Cascais District Court for Family and Juvenile Matters in West Lisbon (Republic of Portugal), a minor was immediately returned from Portugal to Armenia.

PS:Initially a minor was wrongfully removed by his parent from Armenia to Russia where we initiated a return of the child to Armenia, the place of his permanent residence under the Hague Convention of 1980. Meanwhile, the abductor parent, having falsified the notarial spousal consent (client) took the child to the Schengen state - the Czech Republic, and then to the Republic of Portugal where the child was finally found.

«No children return to France, stay in Russia»

Decision date: 22.05.2018

Status: Case won

The Nizhny Novgorod Regional Court of Appeal satisfied the claim of the client, revoked the ruling of the specialized district court regarding return of three minor children from Russia to France and passed a new ruling in favor of the client - to leave three underage children in the Russian Federation.

PS: Apart from attorneys at law, the Honorary Consul of France and the Legal Counsel of Embassy of France in Russia also represented the opponents in the appeal hearing.

Later on, the client filed a civil suit against her ex-husband in the Russian court. The court ruled the children’s place of residence to be with the client.

«Repetition of offense without imprisonment»

Decision date: 08.09.2017

Status: Case won

The Gorodetsk City Court of the Nizhny Novgorod Oblast convicted the defendant of Gayane Shtoyan who was found guilty in committing the crime under p. 2 art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - collusive complex fraud resulting in a substantial damage.
Imposed penalty: fine in the amount of RUB 40,000 without imprisonment

PS: The prosecution evidence was based on confessionary statements (voluntary surrender) of the defendant, which were taken from him at the detention day in the absence of his lawyer, Gayane Shtoyan. Moreover, the defendant had a criminal record for similar crime (repetition of offense).


Decision date: 04.09.2017

Status: Case won

The Moscow arbitration tribunal satisfied the client's claim against X, LLC that he resigned from but did not receive his due participatory interest in this Company. His claims regarding recovery of the actual amount of the participatory interest were satisfied by the court in full, including the client’s legal expenses.

PS: At present, the client incorporated a new legal entity that adequately competes with X, LLC in the market.

«Siberian justice»

Decision date: 07.02.2017

Status: Case won

The Prokopyevsk District Court of the Kemerovo Oblast satisfied the claim of the client to reinstate the missed procedural time limit (2.5 years) for appeal of the first instance court resolution regarding recovery of a multi-million unjust enrichment from our client (individual).

The court sent the civil case study along with our appeal to the court of appeal - the Kemerovo Regional Court. In the course of our appeal trial, the Kemerovo Regional Court called for a break requesting more time for in-depth analysis of the case details. At the second court meeting the judicial panel of the Kemerovo Regional Court satisfied our appeal, revoked the court ruling and delivered a new ruling dismissing claims of the bad will plaintiff in full.

PS: The client learned about the decision of the Siberian court in Domodedovo airport when she was stopped at customs control and was informed about travel restrictions due to her multi-million debt.

«Overstated Russian Railways tariffs»

Decision date: 25.10.2016 , 19.09.2016 , 19.08.2016 , 05.08.2016, etc.

Status: Case won

The arbitration tribunal of the Nizhny Novgorod Oblast satisfied a series of claims filed by us on behalf of various legal entities against the Russian Railways Open Joint Stock Company that had cargo transportation contracts signed. Subject of claims: recovery of unjust enrichment resulting from application of overstated tariff policy by the Russian Railways.

PS: All court judgments remained unchanged in favor of the clients after appeal hearings in appeal and cassation courts

«Not in the construction scope»

Decision date: 11.11.2014

Status: Case won

The arbitration tribunal of the Vladimir Oblast passed a resolution to satisfy the claim of the client - A, LLC against M, CJSC regarding recovery of debt under the subcontracting agreement for construction of the training building.

PS:The court judgment remained unchanged after appeal hearings in appeal and cassation courts.

«Banking merry-go-round»

Decision date: 08.09.2017

Status: Case won

The Nizhny Novgorod District Court satisfied the client's claim, reinstated the missed procedural time limit (2 years) for appeal of the default court resolution under the claim of Raiffeisenbank Joint Stock Company regarding recovery of a multi-million debt from the client, revoked the court ruling and sent the case for a new hearing to the first instance court.

In the course of a new hearing, the first instance court again satisfied the claim of Raiffeisenbank Joint Stock Company against the client and delivered a resolution to recover the debt in favor of Raiffeisenbank Joint Stock Company.

We filed a petition against the second ruling of the first instance court, which was satisfied. The case was submitted again for a retrial.

In the course of a new (third) hearing of the civil case, Raiffeisenbank Joint Stock Company dropped their case against the client and stopped this ‘banking merry-go-round’! The court dismissed the case based on the plaintiff's dismissal of the claim.

PS: Initially the client sought the legal assistance to file a request to court regarding suspension of the ruling execution.
After document examination, we identified a prospect of appealing the court ruling, which allowed relieving the client from paying the multi-million debt to the bank in the end.

«Compensation = Motivation »

Decision date: 13.11.2013

Status: Case won

The Regional Court satisfied the client’s claim against Gorky Automobile Plant (OAO GAS) where he worked and sustained an industrial industry that resulted in a disability category III. Based on the court ruling, OAO GAS paid out a moral damage compensation to the client.

PS: Amount of the awarded compensation to the client exceeded the maximum compensation amounts recovered by this court by 10 times.
Our main argument in justifying this compensation amount was that appointment of this recovery amount would finally motivate OAO GAS to improve work conditions for their employees.

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